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About Codium Networks
Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, Codium Networks is a leading 4G/ mobile WiMAX / LTE independent advisor and provider of WiMAX technology to 2nd and 3rd tier telecom operators. During the last 5 years Codium Networks has successfully installed and run more than 15 WiMAX telecom operations in 10 countries in Europe, Africa and LATAM. More in

About the business unit Business Consulting Services
We have recently initiated the Business Consulting Services unit to provide business consultancy services to wireless telecom operators that want to develop into 4G mobile services or expand their fixed wireless broadband services. Codium customers have always required business consultancy services and also, the new 4G market scenario makes it clear that these services are more and more demanded.

About Our team
In our team we have accumulated senior experience in the Telecoms industry, ranging from advice to several CEOs and management teams of national incumbent telecom operators and telecom start ups, to successful fund raising of more than 300 million Euros for Telecom ventures, to more than 10 full due diligences and valuations of national / regional telecom operations, to business planning and sales & marketing advise focused on telecom services, to management of business units and interim management.

We all have a strong focus in telecom wireless services, have broad relationships with management and capital markets of the wireless telecom sector, and we know the needs of 2nd and 3rd tier telecom operators. We have conducted more than 50 projects for cable operators, WISPs, infrastructure operators, tower and housing players, wireless broadband players, triple play players, and other type telecom players. We have successfully started telecom operations from funding, grow them and then accepted offers for them. We have experience on setting up and running telecom operations. We have excellent contacts with the Administration and Regulators and have worked for the Minister of Telecommunication of some countries.

Luis Ronda


About Luis Ronda

Head of Practice, prior to joining Codium Networks, Luis Ronda, a 20-year veteran in the telecom industry with experience in companies like Gemplus/Gemalto, executed and managed international consultancy services in companies such as Analysys Consulting as well as acting as a prestigious independent international freelancer for several major telecom consulting initiatives in Europe and LATAM.


Kiriako Vergos





About Kiriako Vergos

Managing Director, Mr. Vergos is founder and main shareholder of CODIUM NETWORKS. During his career, Mr. Vergos has successfully raised investments in excess of 300 million euros for several telecom services ventures, and did accept an offer for one of the first infrastructure telecom operators that founded. In addition to that, in 1999 developed “Milenio”, the first broadband wireless consortium in the south of Europe. In this venture, Mr. Vergos assembled a group of first line banks (like Banque Paribas) and wireless leaders (like Winstar Communications), raising funds for US 150 millions. Nowadays, he manages Codium Networks, south European leader in 4G technologies, specialist in WiMAX systems integration. Codium has installed networks and has worked for more than 15 wireless telecom operations in Europe, Africa and LATAM, offering a complete range of operational services including networks design, equipment procurement, services and network developments, network maintenance.

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