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Codium Networks GDU1
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Codium Networks OCB5
Codium Networks OCB12

ICW6: QoE-driven, Operator Managed Home Wi-Fi, uniquely affordable for the smaller service providers

OCB12: Best-selling, most robust, LTE-A Cat12/15 ODU in the market

GDU: Operator branded grounding device for all  outdoor installs, offering protection against  power surges, cost-effectively 

OCB5X: Ultra High-gain LTE-A/5G ODU, connectorized for an optional parabolic dish antenna, taking antenna gain all the way up to 22dBi!

OCB5: Robust High-gain LTE-A/5G ODU at a market-beating price

Due to the large volumes we produce we offer pricing that's hard to beat!

HG-Pxx Series Unit Codium Networks

Our flagship products are the world-leading OCB12, OCB5 and OCB5X outdoor LTE & 5G CPEs operating in the CBRS spectrum range (3.5GHz/B48/N48); these products are FCC-certified and incorporate the latest technology, enabling the maximum power output permitted by FCC rules and an advanced antenna design, offering exceptional RF propagation.


These products operate as Ca-B CBSD/CPEs, connecting to the SAS to receive a 'grant' for maximum transmit power, or as 'EUDs' meaning they operate without a SAS and so offering a significant cost-saving.

We offer the same form factors for most other LTE and 5G frequency bands.

Our new ICW6 Home Wi-Fi is driven by sophisticated QoE SW to dramatically reduce the Service Provider's Churn and increase Subscriber Loyalty.

We offer a wide range of other devices, ask us for more info.



Checklist Icon Codium Networks

Our low-cost Cat 12 LTE ODU and our high-end Cat 19 LTE/5G ODU are FCC certified for  CBRS (3.5GHz) operation.


Gear Icon Codium Networks

Our CPEs are simple to configure and permit a straight forward PLUG & Play experience.


Software Icon Codium Networks

Our special software technology permits our  CPEs to connect to the SAS and to receive a grant for high-powered operation extending range dramatically. Alternatively our CPEs are also FCC authorized to operate as ‘EUDs’ which avoids the expense or complexity of a SAS connection.


Performance Icon Codium Networks

Our CPEs are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Our factory is a state-of-the art facility using the latest manufacturing robotics and automatic optical inspection (Robotic Machine Vision) systems to ensure maximum product quality and reliability to build hundreds of thousands of units for some of the world’s largest carriers.


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Our products include best-of-breed baseband and RF chipsets, run with firmware developed inhouse by a large team of world-class senior software engineers.

Discover How We Can Help

Upon an approved request we will dispatch a sample CPE to you at no initial cost. All commercial product gets shipped DDP anywhere in the USA from our facility in Kansas City, MO at a price that is hard to beat. We can ship ExWorks to other parts of the world.

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