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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – March 4th, 2024

On the first day of WiSPAmerica - the annual calendar's key FWA tradeshow, Codium announced its entry into the QoE-driven Home Wi-Fi gateway market segment. “Home Wi-Fi has become mission critical for WiSPs in securing their ability to control churn and boost subscriber loyalty. Codium has once more addressed a major pain point for WiSPs, by offering the first low-cost Operator Managed Home Wi-Fi solution designed specifically for the US market”, said Codium CEO Kyriakos Vergos. The new ICW6 is now shipping amidst keen market expectations that what was previously a mission-critical solution only available to T-1 carriers, is finally attainable by WiSPs.

St Petersburg, Florida – JUNE 30th, 2023

The OCB5, Codium’s new 5G NR CPE, has met with strong market uptake at a time when other 5G CPEs are still too expensive for large scale implementation by WiSPs. Packing the latest Qualcomm X-62 chipset the new Codium CPE has broken through the price point barrier which has kept 5G CPE sales to WiSPs persistently low. Codium CEO Kyriakos Vergos had this to say: “We expected a strong start to the year, but the OCB5 has done even better than we thought possible in its first quarter of sales, with thousands of units already being shipped”. The OCB5 boasts dual mode LTE and 5G capabilities so WiSPs choosing to deploy it can futureproof their CBRS networks by operating it in LTE mode today but with the ability to switch it over to 5G operation when their 5G network is ready for it, without the need to rip and replace the CPEs.

St Petersburg, Florida – December 31st, 2022

Codium Networks has closed the year with preliminary results indicating the company has once more surpassed all forecasts in its CBRS business. Shipping tens of thousands of ODUs and large volumes of indoor LTE CPEs too, Codium has now become the established leader in the sale of CBRS devices to WiSPs across America. Codium CEO Kyriakos Vergos said: “We start the new year in the best shape we’ve ever been. In early 2023 we will be launching our 5G devices which will be as groundbreaking as the OCB12 was in 4G; our expertise in coming up with unique designs, unparalleled manufacturing prowess, and SW engineering skills continue to enable us to offer high-performance CPE radios at very low cost.

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New Orleans, Louisiana – March 14, 2022

On the opening day of Wispamerica in New Orleans Codium Networks announced revenue growth in 2021 beat all expectations and was in the triple digits. New deployments in the East Coast and Midwest have led Codium to becoming one of the top 5 CPE vendors in CBRS. Codium’s latest Cat12/15 LTE, the OCB12 has become the flagship product for the company, with Codium shipping many thousands of units per quarter. Its strong RDOF-complying throughputs and low price have made it into the most successful outdoor CPE in the WiSP market.

Codium Networks Mercuury News

Las Vegas, Nevada, October 12, 2021

Mercury Broadband Chooses Codium for CBRS CPEs. On the opening day of Wispapalooza in Las Vegas Codium Networks and Mercury Broadband have jointly announced their ongoing CBRS roll-out across Mercury’s addressable markets, deploying both of Codium’s flagship CPEs – the OCB6 and OCB12, Codium’s market-leading Cat 6 and Cat 12 High-Powered (CBRS) Outdoor LTE routers.

Codium Networks OCB12 News

Miami, Florida, January 05, 2021

Codium Networks has announced today completion of FCC certification for its high-powered Cat 12 ODU for the CBRS band. The OCB12 Outdoor CPE has been certified as a class B CBSD for the maximum power output permitted under Part-96 rules. Federated Wireless and Google SAS platforms are supported by the OCB12.

OCB6 News Codium Networks

Miami, Florida,October 22, 2020

Codium Networks has announced today completion of FCC certification for its high-powered Cat 6 ODU for the CBRS band. The OCB6 Outdoor CPE has been certified as a class B CBSD for the maximum power output permitted under Part-96 rules.

Network News Codium Networks

Miami, Florida, April 27, 2020

Codium Networks emerges as a leader in the supply of CBRS CPEs. Codium Networks, a  4G solutions vendor established in 2003, has now launched its CBRS operations. The initial focus of the campaign will be on the newly launched B48 spectrum range, ideally suited to finally proving FWA to be a strong competitor to fiber for future carrier-class broadband service in underserved areas of the USA.

Google’s Chief Wireless Architect, Preston Marshall Codium Networks News

Miami, Florida, April 30, 2021

2020 Google’s Chief Wireless Architect, Preston Marshall who also chairs WinnForum and the CBRS Alliance appeared in a recent Competitive Carrier’s Association webinar and emphasized the importance of the new CBRS zero-cost 3.5GHz spectrum licenses, as the way forward...

Codium Networks Network Archiecture

January 27, 2020

After a long wait the FCC has finally announced today that CBRS is now open for business: FCC Authorizes Full Commercial Deployment of OnGo™ Service in 3.5 GHz CBRS Band, Unleashing Billions in Value with New Wireless Services

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