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CPEs & other Devices

Lead the Way in Outdoor Connectivity with our OCB12 and OCB5, the world's best-in-class LTE & 5G CPEs. 

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Codium Networks ICW6 front green lights
Codium Networks OCB12
Codium Networks GDU1
HG-Pxx Series Unit Codium Networks
Codium Networks OCB5

CBSDs/eNBs/gNBs and 4G/5G Cores

Our LTE & 5G infrastructure products are battle-hardened, high-performing and extremely price-competitive.

Discover How We Can Help

Upon an approved request we will dispatch a sample CPE to you at no initial cost. All commercial product gets shipped DDP anywhere in the USA from our facility in Kansas City, MO at a price that is hard to beat. We can ship ExWorks to other parts of the world.

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